Motherhood. Best and Most Difficult Job in the World

By Dr Deirdre O’Neill Naturopathic Physician It was five days after Eoin was born. I developed mastitis. Before I knew it I was in the hospital being treated by intravenous antibiotics. I was told that I could no longer breastfeed my son. I was worried that he would be sent home, while I remained […]

A Weight Management Formula

NOW® MCT Oil Liquid is Source of Medium-Chain Fatty Acids which support energy production in the body at a cellular level (ATP). To be used with a program of reduced intake of dietary calories and increased physical activity to help in weight management. Weight Management Formula 100% Pure Medium Chain Triglycerides Vegetarian/Vegan Medium Chain Triglycerides […]

Wild Moon Organics Pork

  Why Pasture Raised Pork is the Best Having had experience with intensively run confinement farms in the past, Wild Moon Organics were determined to provide their pigs with a much more natural, though safe, environment. Although they were innovators and leaders in influencing pig production onto straw bedding and open-ended, covered facilities back in […]

Penticton Whole Foods Market supports local growers!

At Penticton Whole Foods Market, we are very proud to support many Local  & Organic Produce Suppliers. The list below is just a partial sampling of the many locally owned growers who supply us with their amazing fresh fruits and vegetables. Tree To Me – Keremeos Eagle Valley Farms – Cawston Don and Phyllis Garlic […]