Dear Customer,

Re: Customer Rewards

At the beginning of July we announced some changes to our long running Customer Reward Program.

Since that time, we have been able to evaluate the fairness and efficiency of the program. While many collect the reward points, less than 1.5% of customers redeem them. Our conclusion is that the program was not efficiently giving back to you, our loyal customers.

As a result, we made a change that took effect October 1, 2016. We no longer collect points on a daily basis.

Instead, we are offering a variety of new discount opportunities that is communicated every month via email. These discount offers include free gift cards based on customer purchases, generous coupons, freebies, prizes and more.

All current and unexpired rewards that you had or received will be honoured.

We reduced the threshold for current point holders so that you should have received a reward if you had accumulated at least 200 points. The latter was distributed in early October 2016.

Our aim is to reward our loyal customers with a more accessible and efficient method of giving back.

If you would like more information, or if you wish to share your comments and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me personally at 250-493-2855 X 201, or via email at

Richard Hunt
General Manager
Penticton Whole Foods Market